GB Studio Direct - January 2020 Progress Update

Happy New Year everyone!

I just wanted to give a little update on what’s been happening with GB Studio since the 1.2.0 launch.

I shared an image on Twitter recently of the full color feature I’ve been working on, this is actually part of a much bigger engine rewrite. This is all in varying levels of completion but the new features so far are:

- Each scene can now contain 32 colors (max 4 colors per 8 pixel tile)
- Scenes can now be MUCH larger. Instead of 256px width and height, they can now be up to 2040px in a single dimension. WIDTH x HEIGHT just needs to be under 1,000,000 pixels!
- The scene type drop down now actually works, my current builds let you choose between “Top Down” (current type) and “Platformer”. These are pretty rough right now so not much to share yet but I’m looking to expand to a few more genres too and trying to make it possible to build your own game styles. Since it’s per scene you can even merge two game types into a single game!

There’s a lot of work still to be done and I need to work out how to keep the UI as simple as possible (and still keep adding quality of life improvements) while adding this functionality but I’m getting there!

This is all a long term plan though and may take a while, in the short term I’m going to concentrate on getting a 1.2.1 bug fix release together. Quite a few things have been fixed already thanks to GB Studio community so that’s getting very close, watch out for it coming soon!

Thanks for your support,

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Sounds great! Can't wait to make my new platformer. 

Great work Chris and team. I'm looking forward to the new features!


Thanks for all your hard work on GB Studio! You are making my dream of designing a video game come true.

Would it be possible to instantly switch scenes without transition? I am making a visual novel and all the quick fading in and out is becoming seizure  inducing :o


For dialog sequences I might recommend making a scene that is as wide as possible and panning the camera back and forth. It could really cut down on the fades.

My understanding is that it's incredibly difficult to load all of the assets for a new scene on the GB Hardware. Because of this limitation the fade was a necessary compromise.

If you use a template like this you can move the camera to show/hide one character or the other based on who is speaking.

Hi BenJelter,

Thanks for the suggestion! It's a great idea that can work for my scenes when there are only two characters talking.

Ideally, there would be an option to remove the transition all together

well depending on what you're doing; if its an animation / cutscene, use On Init, animation frames, and Move To.


Will the new version maintain compatibility with games built in the old version if you are rewriting the engine?


That's the plan :-)

Awesome! :)

Sorry for all the questions but with the current color options would the game still be compatible with a GB/Pocket or does it only run on GBC and higher?

If it's currently compatible with the GB, will the new color options remove that compatibility or will it still run on both like Link's Awakening DX?

from what i've heard from reddit, its going to be more of a gbc enhanced game, and using it on a normal gameboy will show classic colors instead of colored, so yes it should be able to run on either :)

2.0 should be really cool!

yeah ! i hope it comes out free, i'll get it even if it's paid lol


Was actually meant to comment earlier in the Discord about merging genre's (like in stuff like Gargoyles Quest). Dude...that's gonna be freaking amazing and I'm already brimming with ideas haha, super pumped. Keep up the stellar work too and cheers for always keepin' me inspired.


Good work, mate!