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[Update] GB Studio 3.1.0 now available!

This one is a big quality of life update with lots of improvements to scripting and music editing, we have a new music template file and even the support for sound effect files (.wav, .vgm and fx hammer!) that was promised back in the early previews of v3!

We've also launched a new GB Studio site featuring improved documentation at https://www.gbstudio.dev/

Full changelog is available at https://github.com/chrismaltby/gb-studio/blob/main/CHANGELOG.md#310---2022-09-11

If you spot any problems, please make sure to report an issue at https://github.com/chrismaltby/gb-studio/issues

[Update] GB Studio 3.0 now available!

Wow, has it been that long? Over a year since the last GB Studio 2 beta, we’ve skipped right over to GB Studio 3.0 to mark the big changes that our new game engine will allow both now and in the future.

This is a big update introducing:

  • Export for Analogue Pocket!
  • Parallax scrolling backgrounds!
  • Sprite animation editor!
  • Large sprites!
  • Music editor!
  • Multiple fonts!
  • Custom emotes!
  • GBVM scripting language (more on this later)

Full changelog is available at https://github.com/chrismaltby/gb-studio/blob/main/CHANGELOG.md#300

Documentation has been updated with details about many of the new features at https://www.gbstudio.dev/docs/. If you’ve got an existing project make sure to back it up before migrating, you might need to follow the steps on https://www.gbstudio.dev/migrate too. 

There’s a few things that were demoed that didn’t quite make it into this release (like WAV sound effects), they’ll be coming in later updates so keep checking back!

Thanks for the support everyone! 

And thanks to everyone who has donated to help me make GB Studio as good as it can be. Feel free to set the price to $0 if you want though, no pressure. 

You can download on GitHub (along with all the previous releases) if you want too at https://github.com/chrismaltby/gb-studio/releases


GB Studio is a visual game builder with no programming knowledge required allowing you to make real Game Boy ROMs in minutes. You can run the games on any emulator or you can run them on your Game Boy if you've got a flash cart!

Full documentation is available at https://www.gbstudio.dev/.

It's open source too!

Can't wait to see what you make!

- Chris

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(498 total ratings)
AuthorChris Maltby
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tags8-Bit, Game Boy, GameMaker, Level Editor, Pixel Art, Retro, RPG Maker, tools


GB Studio for Windows 64-bit (With Installer) 168 MB
Version 3.1.0 Sep 11, 2022
GB Studio for Mac 79 MB
Version 3.1.0 Sep 11, 2022
GB Studio for Linux (AppImage) 82 MB
Version 3.1.0 Sep 11, 2022
GB Studio for Ubuntu/Debian Linux 58 MB
Version 3.1.0 Sep 11, 2022
GB Studio for Fedora/Red Hat Linux 65 MB
Version 3.1.0 Sep 11, 2022
GB Studio for Windows 64-bit (No Installer) 88 MB
Version 3.1.0 Sep 11, 2022
GB Studio for Windows 32-bit (With Installer) 155 MB
Version 3.1.0 Sep 11, 2022
GB Studio for Windows 32-bit (No Installer) 81 MB
Version 3.1.0 Sep 11, 2022

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can you get this in browser or download for chromebook? i need like a html link or smth...


pls makeit easier


It's already really easy...


This project is awesome. You're a true rockstar.


hello sorry for the request but is there a way  i can make one in browser without downloading it because i am trying to improve my pixel game skills and the computer i use does not let me download anything 


Make a Android/iOS Version!


he most likley 100% wouldn’t


Hello, I have a watermark when loading the game, I'm always planning to promote this game maker and would not like it as a distraction from my game... is there any way the remove it, i can probably understand why you have put watermarks on it but can i have some help

What? There is no watermarks in this app at all. 


Hello, The program is very cool i like it, but i wants in the next version to export to windows, MacOS and Linux


GB Studio, like title says, is to make gameboy games. Not windows or mac games.


just use an emulator. there are so many outside for free...


AppImage broken?

ERROR: appimage_register_in_system : Missing icon field in the desktop entry


I want to make a donation, but the download screen didn't ask me for one and can't find a good contact for the developer. Any advice?


Hi. I wanna make a beat-em-up like Beats of Rage. is there any plan to make a template like this?



I remember vaguely that the save/load functionality does not work for web exports? Can someone tell me if that changed? Do I remember wrong?




What a cool freakin' program this is. Love how you can even export the project source and do other stuff with it from there on.

hello, I noticed while developing my game that if I have an actor emit a bullet and open and close any kind of menu the bullet is fired immediately afterwards, and if I do this repeatedly the actor will emit continuously without pause.

Will this work on Chromebook

Yes Beacuse you can use Linux on chrome book so probably.

Why not try it and let us know how it went? It certainly works perfectly fine on my Steam Deck!


microsoft blocks it


thats normal just unblock it  lol..

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pretty cool project i'm surprised this exist


yay i can use it in chromebook!





Any updates coming soon? I hope they'll fix platformer collisions with objects and collision bug in 2D-RPG mode while default speed is > than 1. 


Cool engine thanks for making it.:


guys, whats the difference between no installer version and with installer version? 


Um? Installer - you need to install it first, no installer - you can just run the app. There is no other differences between them...

Here's a quick explanation of the OBJ palette feature in the sprite editor.

The Game Boy supports two sprite palettes at once: OBJ0 and OBJ1. The default sprite palette is OBJ0. In GB Studio, OBJ1 replaces the light green with dark green. This has no effect in color mode.



can you make GBA games? or just gbc and gb?

only GB and GBC games

Thanks for letting me know!

there is a tool called gbasenpai used for converting games made with gb studio to gba games, but it isn't official. Here it is

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I am making an action platformer, but I noticed that when I put the pause menu, if the opponent launches a projectile when I remove the start menu in game the projectile is re-launched immediately. Even if I put and remove pause the opponent throws projectiles continuously for every time I start the game. is there any way to correct this?



All three versions of GB Studio (flathub, app image, and deb) crash as soon as it launches on my Linux Mint machine. I can only see a GB Studio window open for 1 second before it crashes.


how to add attack system in a platformer game

Can't wait to use it :)


When will come build for android?


is it possible to make a pokemon like game with this?


well its game boy, and it has all capabilities a game boy has, and pokemon is on game boy, so its safe to assume yes



No more updates? 

something tells me that mcdonald's used this to make their game.


What else would they use, a gameboy development kit?

ig? idk.

How can I display Chinese in the game?ASCII code is too less and can't display Chinese.




(1 edit) (+5)

Thank you Chris, you've totally changed game making market with GB Studio. 100/5 stars!


A free tool to create Game Boy games!??!?! Support for Windows, OSX, and Linux too??? Outstanding!

guys where can i try the 3.1.1?

The newest one is 3.1.0 I think.


It's really cool, but I think the biggest issue is there is no build-in inventory/rucksack system. 


Perhaps you can set different variables for items in your inventory.


I'm uploading the start of my GB Studio game to itch.io to get some play testers. I uploaded a zipped folder with the html file in it but when I go to play it on the game's page, it gives me a black screen and no audio. Basically the game doesn't run. Are there certain things I need to do in GB Studio to get my game to run on itch? Besides the export as web option. I'm using Mac OS 12.6.3 if that's useful.

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