A downloadable tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux

NEW in 1.1.0 Check out the list of new features and fixes

GB Studio is a visual game builder with no programming knowledge required allowing you to make real Game Boy ROMs in minutes. You can run the games on any emulator or you can run them on your Game Boy if you've got a flash cart!

Full documentation is available at https://www.gbstudio.dev/.

It's open source too!

Can't wait to see what you make!

- Chris

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GB Studio 1.1.0 for Windows 64-bit 177 MB
GB Studio 1.1.0 for Windows 32-bit 173 MB
GB Studio 1.1.0 for Mac 85 MB
GB Studio 1.1.0 for Ubuntu/Debian Linux 72 MB
GB Studio 1.1.0 for Fedora/RPM Linux 82 MB

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Wowzers, this is amazing.

Thank you so much! is a great tool, I can't wait to see my game in the real GB. Last improvements are really wellcome! but I would appreciate to keep it simple and don't make too complicated cause is a good point that anybody can use and make a childhood dream come true. Maybe if gets too big, the posibility of activate or deactivate options in a beginner/expert layouts of the same software can be fine, I don't know how can be that. Again, thank you very much Chris!

Can u make it for iPad? Please

I wish this came out when I made my own Gameboy inspired game seven years ago! I will definitely have a try with this!

Only *.mod tracker music? It's hard to find or create one of this.
I think if you can add there other kinds of tracker music formats to play - like xm, it, s3m  etc. - some games will be more musicaly :D


Great tool!

Thank you for your fantastic job !! 

I understand GB hardware limitations that doesn't allow color sprite and obliges to use limited animation frames for characters and tiles to build scenes and also scene sizes, but could it be possible to have these limitation canceled if the game is meant to be deployed in html (computer and mobile) and not for GB devices ? That would be lovely !

Would that not defeat the purpose of it being a GB rom game builder? If you aren't interested in making the ROMS, why not use a program made for the other types of games?

I like it to be a ROM builder but this tool is so nice, well done and easy to use that it's easy to imagine it for bigger purpose. It's one of the best I've ever seen 

Hello! Thank you for this wonderful program. I would like to ask please, is it possible to edit already existing roms (like pkmn gen 1)?

Greetings from Greece :D


This is such a gift. Wow. It's my new favorite thing and makes hacking together a GB game so much easier and more intuitive. I will definitely list it as a project option for students in my digital games studies classes.

Your downloadable files use "win32" as part of the filename, implying that they contain a 32-bit windows build. However, I am unable to run the windows version, as it claims to not be a 32-bit program. I was mightily looking forward to using this program, as it seemed that I would finally be able to make a gameboy game in the style of Yume Nikki, which is something I've wanted to do for a while now. Please create an actual 32-bit version. I apologize for being so harsh, but this greatly disappoints me, as I'm sure it has others. And if there is to be no 32-bit version, please do call it as such.


Unfortunately Microsoft confusingly names things here win32 is the platform not the processor architecture, and it supports 64-bit these days.

64-bit Windows has the Win32 API at its core, with pointer sizes (and pointer sized things) increased to 64-bits, but otherwise the API is intact. There is no Win64 API. It is an unfortunate artifact of naming that the Win32 API is at the heart of writing 64-bit unmanaged code, but that is history for you.

But fortunately for you I do have a Windows 32- bit build, I'd just not uploaded it to Itch.io yet. I was waiting for the next release, but since you asked I've uploaded it :-)

Please excuse me for being so rude. Thanks for uploading the 32-version, and I hope great stories are given voice with this engine. Also, GB greenish-monochrome rocks:3


No worries Norsaken, hope you enjoy using it :-) watch out for the new version coming soon!


This tool is unbelievably fun. I've been having a blast working a game.
I've hit an error that I've not been able to resolve. Was hoping for some guidance. 


Hi Zephan, glad you're enjoying it! There is a Discord at https://discord.gg/bxerKnc that might be the best way to ask for guidance for now :-)

Thank you so much for creating and sharing this wonderful tool!


Love this but it dos need more thing. I am still learing how to use this so idk whats on here still so maybe some of what I'll be listting off mite already be in it. It needs is a ways to save. Able to have your own manual animations sets. A timer, counter. More UI stuff. Theres some much potential and so much you can add to this.

Definitely want to keep improving it yeah, this is just the first release so more will come in time. The latest developer versions have Saving now so that will come with the next release :-) Not sure when it will be yet though.


Had great fun playing around with this today - nice one!

Would love to have a 'randomise variable' feature at some point - could be useful!

Anyway, thanks for this fun, awesome tool :D


Glad you're having fun :-D Randomise variable is one of the features in the latest developer release so that should be coming soon!

Thanks! Greatly appreciated! :D

Another feature that might be  nice is being able to include variables when using display text.

For example:

You have  eaten <x> apples - where <x> is a variable.

Also the ability to use string variables (and incorporate them into display text) would be ace!

Also also: Some sort of hud stuff, e.g. lives, health etc would be great!

Sorry! Back to making a game ;)



It's really awesome, but still there's need tilemap tools to create levels right in editor.


Agreed, I'm excited for this.


I agree, going to keep updating so it should have tools like this at some point! :-)


Very excited to use this! 


Wow! That's amazing! *_*


This is awesome! Like a much simpler RPG maker.