GB Studio 1.2.0 Released!

It's been a while since a GB Studio update but here it is, version 1.2.0, with lots of new features to try out!

This version was a huge rewrite of a lot of things to make large projects work better, improve the UI (lots more previews everywhere) and  make things easier for people to contribute new script events (and there's a lot new this time!)

I hope no one minds but I enabled pay what you want this time, I've got lots of big plans for GB Studio and any support I can get will help those goals become realised. Full color support and extra genres (I'm looking at platforming and shoot-em up for now) are the big things I want to work on next time!

Here's the list of new features in 1.2.0 though, that's quite a lot!!


- Add OnInit script to each actor.
- Add preview in dropdowns for scenes, actors and sprite sheets.
- Add ability to paste events by holding Alt while clicking event buttons.
- Add language select to view menu.
- Generate backups of previous version before saving.
- Sidebar supports two column layout when wide enough.
- Each actor/trigger/scene given four local variables.
- Add ability to remap keyboard controls.
- Add ability to set custom HTML header in web builds.
- Add custom cursors depending on tool state.
- Alternating row colors while scripting.
- Add ability to disable events.
- Add ability to disable else branch in conditional events.
- Add ability to use any variable in text (no longer only first 100).
- Add event to disable/enable collisions per actor.
- Add Switch event.
- Add Settings section grouping project settings together and adding settings for custom keyboard controls and custom HTML header.
- Add support for GameBoy Color palettes. @fydo
- Add support for GameBoy Color double CPU mode. @pau-tomas  @RichardULZ
- Add menu event. @pau-tomas
- Add 'Self' to actor selector. @pau-tomas
- Add custom events functionality. @pau-tomas
- Add avatars to text dialogue. @pau-tomas
- Add support for bit flag variables in scripting. @pau-tomas
- Add Comments in scripting. @ManuGamesDev
- Add sound effects. @gregtour
- Add timer events. @gregtour
- Add Gamepad support @bbbbbr
- Add events to save and restore actor direction using variables. @ManuGamesDev
- German localisation. @WAUthethird
- Spanish localisation. @WAUthethird
- Norwegian localisation. @thomas-alrek
- Italian localisation. @marcosecchi
- Latin American Spanish localisation. @foobraco
- Polish localisation. @MajkelKorczak
- Korean localisation. @juni070127
- Japanese localisation. @cubicstyle
- Scots localisation. @Cobradabest


- Update Windows 32-bit to use GBDK 2.96.
- Prevent actors from leaving scene edges.
- Refactor to handle larger project files.
- Rebuilt event system allowing easier community contributions.
- Update Windows 64-bit to use GBDK 2.96. @gregtour
- Updated Brazilian Portuguese localisation. @junkajii
- Updated Portuguese localisation. @toxworks
- Improve emulator audio. @RichardULZ
- Improve keyboard controls in event search. @allie
- Improve template.mod music file. @RichardULZ


- Fixed MBC1 support.
- Fix issues flushing sava data on Windows
- Fix issue where copy / pasting scenes would break actor connections in scripts
- Fix collisions at bottom edge of screen.
- Ignore invalid PNG images when loading project.
- Release held buttons when emulator loses focus.
- Fix for issue with cursor position moving while editing dialogue @MattTuttle
- Fix GBTplayer ch4 pan fx @RichardULZ
- Fix bug when Actor Invoke is used with conditional statement @RichardULZ
- Fixed issue where multi-frame static actors would animate while moving @RichardULZ
- CameraMoveTo speed fixes @RichardULZ


GB Studio for Windows 64-bit (Squirrel installer) 188 MB
Dec 03, 2019
GB Studio for Windows 32-bit (Squirrel installer) 183 MB
Dec 03, 2019
GB Studio 1.2.0 for Mac 91 MB
Dec 03, 2019
GB Studio 1.2.0 for Ubuntu/Debian Linux 76 MB
Dec 03, 2019
GB Studio 1.2.0 for Fedora / Red Hat Linux 85 MB
Dec 03, 2019
GB Studio for Windows 64-bit (No installer) 111 MB
Dec 03, 2019
GB Studio for Windows 32-bit (No installer) 107 MB
Dec 03, 2019

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Lots of new features are exciting for the future. Also I'm interested in Turkish localization so I followed you on twitter. 


The Windows builds are not on GitHub for this version. Why is that, did you just forget to upload them?


Ah, just checked, they'd failed to upload! Ooops! Added them now. Thanks for letting me know.

Just wanted to make sure! :)


So pumped for this, rad stuff.