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microsoft blocks it


thats normal just unblock it  lol..

Deleted post
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pretty cool project i'm surprised this exist


yay i can use it in chromebook!





Any updates coming soon? I hope they'll fix platformer collisions with objects and collision bug in 2D-RPG mode while default speed is > than 1. 


Cool engine thanks for making it.:


guys, whats the difference between no installer version and with installer version? 

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Installer - you need to install it first, no installer - you can just run the app. There is no other differences between them...

Here's a quick explanation of the OBJ palette feature in the sprite editor.

The Game Boy supports two sprite palettes at once: OBJ0 and OBJ1. The default sprite palette is OBJ0. In GB Studio, OBJ1 replaces the light green with dark green. This has no effect in color mode.



can you make GBA games? or just gbc and gb?

only GB and GBC games

Thanks for letting me know!

there is a tool called gbasenpai used for converting games made with gb studio to gba games, but it isn't official. Here it is

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I am making an action platformer, but I noticed that when I put the pause menu, if the opponent launches a projectile when I remove the start menu in game the projectile is re-launched immediately. Even if I put and remove pause the opponent throws projectiles continuously for every time I start the game. is there any way to correct this?

In my game, I have a dialogue window pop up when you press the START button. Would that work for you?

The problem occurs with any dialogue or start menu



All three versions of GB Studio (flathub, app image, and deb) crash as soon as it launches on my Linux Mint machine. I can only see a GB Studio window open for 1 second before it crashes.


how to add attack system in a platformer game

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The sample project comes with basic platformer enemy collision scripts. You can modify those to subtract health or kill the player when they touch an enemy.

You could also set the player to fire a projectile when a certain button is pressed, and you can make the enemy take damage when being hit by said projectile.

Here's an example from the game that I'm making:

By the way, to get the smoke effect, I had the enemy fire a projectile with the speed set to None.


"By the way, to get the smoke effect, I had the enemy fire a projectile with the speed set to None." That's clever! Thanks for idea. 


Can't wait to use it :)

What's keeping you?

getting out of my comfort zone


When will come build for android?



is it possible to make a pokemon like game with this?


well its game boy, and it has all capabilities a game boy has, and pokemon is on game boy, so its safe to assume yes



No more updates? 

something tells me that mcdonald's used this to make their game.


What else would they use, a gameboy development kit?

ig? idk.


If you mean the game with the violet guy on skateboard, then yes, it was made in GB Studio.

How can I display Chinese in the game?ASCII code is too less and can't display Chinese.




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Thank you Chris, you've totally changed game making market with GB Studio. 100/5 stars!


A free tool to create Game Boy games!??!?! Support for Windows, OSX, and Linux too??? Outstanding!

guys where can i try the 3.1.1?

The newest one is 3.1.0 I think.


It's really cool, but I think the biggest issue is there is no build-in inventory/rucksack system. 


Perhaps you can set different variables for items in your inventory.


I'm uploading the start of my GB Studio game to to get some play testers. I uploaded a zipped folder with the html file in it but when I go to play it on the game's page, it gives me a black screen and no audio. Basically the game doesn't run. Are there certain things I need to do in GB Studio to get my game to run on itch? Besides the export as web option. I'm using Mac OS 12.6.3 if that's useful.


Thank you very much

This is a great tool with great documentation

Deleted post

this is cool!

Gandi  IDE


are u gonna be able to make save features in ur game?

There is already save feature.


I'm having issues with the shoot 'em up setting, when I have it selected, the actors move to the Y 3 tile and Y movement doesn't work.


is it possible to make an auto runner?

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theres an event for camera move and a plugin for seting boundaries on camera position so its possible, yes, just not an infinite rnner


In an infinite runner, the camera literally never moves.
You can totally do an infinite runner as long as you can make your background scroll, and spawn stuff just offscreen


will you ever add support for videos like meteo but better?


I've apparently been banned on discord for no obvious reason... is this something you're personally promoting? Are you happy with these petty dictator-wannabes? I even tried merely asking 'why'... and was 'disappeared' again within minutes. Like,  seriously? Are they too bored with gbs now, and instead want to harass people? I don't even know who's doing it, so congrats on the unbelievable amount of rationales and transparency...!

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im sorry this happened to you, ive seen and heard more people getting the same treatment. while chris does link the discord in his website, he does not mod it. so if anything, the fault lies with the moderators themselves. i am not a mod and not that active in the discord, but pls feel free to post your feelings on twitter, tagging the gb studio community so they may hear your side of the matter.


adding this here for those who want to know more about the discord things, theres the official discord but heres an alt discord with newer mods so its a lil diff 

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Is it possible to walk by grid (16*16 pixels) like in RPG Maker games?
Not like Zelda games but Pokemon games on Game Boy.

Not the developer, but when I last tinkered with this, around version 2, that was literally all you could do. Should still be possible.


If anyone wants to know which sound channels the basic sound effects use, beeps and crashes use the noise channel, and tones use the Duty 1 channel.

Finding this out helped me troubleshoot a sound not playing. I had to mute the noise channel in my music in order to get a beep to play.

This is not a problem to use an external editor for maps and sprites, it is even better since we can use very good dedicated programs like aseprite without any problem.
No need to bother with exporting individual tiles or some special format since GB studio recognizes automatically the tiles from the PNG files!!!!

The music editor also allows for 4 tracks which is enough to make good music.

I have tested bitsy and pulp, rpg maker, pico-8 and a bunch of others but GB studio is the one that is the easiest to make completely original content without bothering with import/export problems. It has the best balance of all the 8/16 bit game maker platforms around!!!

Keep up the good work!!!! (a better/compact interface for the events would be easier to see though)

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for anyone having trou bles in dev and other things regarding gb studio i suggest asking the discord channel for help, its a very kind and helpful place thats mainly where the devs are, the reddit, fb and other gbs sites are quiet coz they dont frequent there. heres the channel, pls follow rules and always have a nice day.  discord here [will update link if expired]

this one is an alt discord, same helpfulness but wthh different government


This game engine is absolutely amazing!

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