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for anyone having trou bles in dev and other things regarding gb studio i suggest asking the discord channel for help, its a very kind and helpful place thats mainly where the devs are, the reddit, fb and other gbs sites are quiet coz they dont frequent there. heres the channel, pls follow rules and always have a nice day.  discord here [will update link if expired]

This game engine is absolutely amazing!

Something went wrong... How do I fix this?

The Video (on Google Drive) (filmed on ChromeOS)

So, I made a game, and this happened to me in scratch, so I don't know how to fix it maybe they fixed it in the latest update. Or it could be your version of ChromeOS because this happened to me a lot when I used a chromebook for game development so google might need to fix that version of chromeOS.

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Github seems awfully quiet over the past few months. Is GB Studio development on hold? Would love to see support for tile swapping, multiple timers and improved collision handling in Platformer mode.

A version for Android devices would be interesting. I'm a dev currently without a PC, and Android is the only way to keep developing games.

Wasn't there an option to donate? I'd like to give some money towards this project.

I am a Java developer & wanted to make a game for my GB.  This is epic, I have yet to deep dive into it but played through the default game & wowza!  I can't wait to see if I can write this to my carts that I got from AliExpress using my GB Operator!  Noicely done!

Please make a version for chromebook.

can you get this on chrome book

Yes. As long as you have Linux Developer Mode enabled.

this software is cool

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a flatpack of this sorely missing in the steam deck's discovery app :)


plz how to put sonic the hotdog in gbstudio


The hotdog? Are you sure that's what you mean?



Sonic the Hedgehog

acabo de lanzar mi juego en gb studio 2.0 chequenlo en mi perfil

I'm a little confused, in the images in the preview video it shows sprites and backgrounds using a whole bunch of colors but in the documentation it says you can only use the 4 green-ish ones?


By default, GBstudio runs in a monochromatic "GameBoy"-mode, that is able to display only one palette (4 colors).

If you want to display more colors á la Game Boy Color, you need to enable it in the Settings menu, or simply by using the Colorize (z) tool from the left hand side tool panel.

When color mode is enabled for your project, you can then use the colorize tool to color different parts of your background art using different color palettes. If you want to color sprites, you can go to the Sprites-view (ctrl+2), and when you select a sprite, it shows you the option to change its color palette in the right hand side panel. Note: you can use only 1 palette per sprite. If you are using a meta-sprite (a larger sprite that consists of 2 or more smaller sprites), you can define a different palette for each sprite that is used in that meta-sprite (for example: character's upper body is its own sprite, and bottom part is its own sprite).

You can have 8 different color palettes at max in your project, and you can define them in the Settings menu. (scroll to the Color section)

Oh wow, thank you so much for such a detailed answer!! This was really helpful, thank you!

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personally I find it a little limited, however it remains an excellent tool


I suggest you morph games! Borrowing buddies account its techno from american gods the play i act for the...long story. just remake 2d games here with what you got and you can do anything! coders are great in africa. we're studying together. its my first tool aka a computer. i loved his tutorials i didnt even know! i promise ill put mermaids vs zombies when you got the memory nececary! -game maker oron from braincake productions we just sold our company to a shark! so its disbaledn cus of ameriaan shit. but we love what your doing. take care! -braincake!

i love this techno told me how cool game maker studio could be for game boy! You know you know!? haha anyways take care i hope it gets that decimal so it can do threedee! :)

Hey, just out of curiosity, would it be possible to get sprites to flicker instead of vanishing if there are too many in a row?


I was testing a level I made for a game based on my YouTube series, and this appeared after losing a life and restarting the stage. What does it mean?


i want download yoshi joins bowser rom


This is awesome

So how are the sound effect files supposed to go?

I still don't know how to use the link cable features.

I can't find it in the docs, and fanmade tutorials are kind of hard to follow.

Please add info on the Link Cable, I really need it,

Thank you!


This is fantastic and easy to use! Some of us are practically begging for a color mode that allows for more colors when importing original sprites and backgrounds. 

That would be the cherry on the cake for those who want to make game boy advanced RPGs.  Were there any plans for something like that being added?

All the best!

this is so awesome

What should you do for Google OS?

Deleted 40 days ago

Having an issue where my imported background is being immediately placed in sprites for some reason. Any idea why this is happening?

Are you putting it in the right folder?


Hey, could you release a sound editor? I don't know where to compile the sounds and I need a recommendation, or a sound editor. Thanks!

A sound editor that I like is ChirpTone. For music I use BeepBox, so I recommend those two as they are pretty easy to use, especially because I don't have experience with audio composition.


Audacity is the go-to waveform editor for hobbyists if you already have samples and such.


Can I use math functions like  sine  , cosine ?


i am gonna have so much fun with the new version KJFHDKHJGKD

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Yo! My man! I LOVE this engine, I use it constantly, and nicely. I do have 2 questions though…

1. How do you procedurally generate sprites, the clones in Scratch?

2. Is it possible to make a GBA Studio? I would myself, but I can’t probably can't code in that language, or know where to start.

Thank you for making this epic engine, I hope you have a good day (or night)!

Ok, see ya.

i agree all i want is shoulder buttons no fancy 3d or anything just shoulder buttons

can you add music from outside the engine or do you have to use the native editor to make music?

It has to be .mod format with 1-4 channels to import otherwise you can make tunes in gbs itself.



i don know


Well you did what you were supposed to do :P

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does "Gameboy camera" integrate as background or is it treated like any other sprite/graphic. I may get a camera if it makes importing quicker/better?  Does platformer have physics for objcts to fall? keep up nice work.. 


Hello Everyone.

I'm new here.

I'm interested in making my own Rpg Games With turn based combat.

I just downloaded the GB Studio 3.03.

I hate to be a bother I have a bit of a learning disability.

Could someone please be kind enough to email me  step by step instructions  with photo visuals on how to use the program.

Logos,Title Screens,Menus,Combat system,Character Sprites,Outdoors a.k.a world Sprites,Indoors Sprites,Face sprites,Battle Sprites,Font Ect.

Oh Here's a Taste of My Pixel Art Skills.

I want to put a HUD in my game, but there's this one scene that always lags whenever I try to do so, even if the HUD has only one sprite tile.

How can I stop my game from lagging?

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