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This is an unusual question I know, but does anyone know of some Game Genie codes that mess with GB Studio Games? I'm looking to disable collisions, but also other weird codes that mess with stuff would also be much appreciated!

Okay I'm very sorry to bother you, but it says I need libnss3

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Type those commands into the linux terminal

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libnss3-dev

Thanks man, I will tag you in a tweet you've been of very much help.

It says cannot locate libnss3-dev even though I updated.

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Ok, here should be everything you need, just follow instructions under Ubuntu / Debian-based Linux category


In line :

sudo dpkg -i gb-studio_1.0.0_amd64.deb

change the "gb-studio_1.0.0_amd64.deb" to current .deb file name that you have

Sorry to bother you again but,  I did the instructions and downloaded the ubuntu/Debian Linux but it says it isn't a Debian file.

I checked it on a chromebook and after extracting files from zip, there was a .deb file.

I have a chrome book, which of the above downloads should I choose? Or when or if will you make a chrome download.

If you have a chromebook, I recommend using Ubuntu/Debian Linux version, it can be run via Linux terminal on your chromebook

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Also, can I sell the games I make on your wonderful engine for money on And could I make a 3 hour plus game with GB studio? Can I change around the color pallet?  Also can I make a JRPG?

Looking at the license, I think you can sell your games made in this engine.

I don't see any problem with making long game.

In GB Studio you are restricted to 4 colors but you can change them

I don't known if you can make a JRPG, I don't really known limitations of this game engine

More information you should be able to find here:

sorry, I meant turn based RPG. I get my genre's mixed up, sorry.

when are you planning to realease 1.2.2?



I want to share with you another game concept I created with GBStudio.

Programming has been the most difficult thing to do to get the boats closer, but it works.

Looks great! :-D

Thanks for your comment Chris, 

Just in case you didn't know:

Its very similar to GBStudio (NES 8bit version.)

Have a nice day! 


Awesome game engine. Very satisfying to use. Can’t wait for more genres of games to be supported.

help me please. I tried to install, but my linux and i836 and did not install because the debian installer is amd64, please help me (I never used linux so if I said any wrong information sorry)


Hi Chris, 

I just want to thank you for the interface that you have created to facilitate the creation of Gameboy games. 

I also would like to share with you some games that I have created with your platform. You can have a look at



Hi Chris, currently developing a game for fun with GB studio. I thought I'd challenge myself to make a computer game while on lockdown. I want to know: to share my game to itch, is it as simple as creating an export build for web, zip it and upload to itch? You mention something about changing the view port, is that in GB studio or in exported files somewhere? thanks in advance.

Hi Phil, that’s pretty much it! The viewport part is just in Itch, once you upload the zip and set it as web playable Itch asks for a width/height to use. All you need to do from GB Studio is the web export :-)


Very cool concept.

I tend to have bad luck building Electron apps on my Gentoo Linux install, but this was very simple to get up and running, so thanks for that.

question, is it possible to make point and click games in this?

Some people have managed to do it with the current version but this is something I’m going to be adding officially in the next big release ;-)

Ah, OK, thank you.

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I'm creating something similar a point n click game. you can take a look here . 

That looks amazing! Its so original! I just made my account here on to see things like that! 

It may be a stupid question, but do you plan to put it on steam? There are a lot of games developed in GB Studio here, but I never seen one on Steam. Is it possible? 

Hello Zanilo, 

As a personal opinion, the games I develop should be played on the console for which it was created. Playing a 1MB game on systems that support  games with a lot of GB, detracts from the gameplay and gaming experience.

Gameboy games has a lot of limitations, starting with the color palette, resolution, size, etc.

It's just a personal opinion. This is why I am in favor of maintaining the cartridge and play the games in the original console  despite the fact that the users are very few.

Have a nice day! 


i have a suggestion.

could you make users able to add color palettes exclusively for game boy color?

In the latest version you can set a custom palette for the entire game. The next update is gonna add full GBC color.

Hi Chris! For the problem with downloading windows 64 bit without installer, I was able to get the zip file open and the icon on my desktop, however when I try to open GB studio it comes up with a message saying "The code execution cannot proceed because ffmpeg.dlll was not found. Reinstalling the programme may fix the programme". Hopefully this will info will help you! 

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The download for windows 64 bit without installer is not working, please reupload the file

Hi Tia347, could you give me any more information about the problem you're having? I've tested all the downloads again on Windows 10 and I'm not seeing any problems.

Does the link on not download anything? Or does the zip file not open after downloading? Or are there any errors when opening GB Studio after downloading? If there are any errors could you list them? Are you downloading using the website or the app? Any information you can give me about exactly what's happening will be a great help and I'll try to get this sorted :-)


The download is not working! ( FAILS )reupload the files bro 


Hey Pixel Pete! Which download isn’t working for you?

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Thank you so much for developing this tool! :) As someone who has little to no programming skills, I really appreciate the ease with which GB Studio has allowed me to make a proper rpg cos there's no complicated code to struggle with haha ^^

This is the little project I made with your creation: Enjoy!


I'l donate a lot when the paltformer mode drops ;)

Can you publish your games to with this tool?

yes :D


Hey! I have an idea of how to improve GB Studio.

What if you can add a type of drag & drop assembly code with instructions having descriptions, so that programmers can use it to write more hardware level code? 

I think this feature will improve GB Studio!

Hey! I love GB Studio, big fun to develop with!

I need to be able to make a call to an external script from HTML5 version of my game. Is it possible?

 I have a (small) budget and would pay for this feature!

As an artist I greatly appreciate this program, programing has never been my strong suit yet I've always wanted to develop a game this allows me to do that and I thank you. 

Can you please make a way of copying actors from one game to another?


been patiently waiting for the promised platformer mode, meanwhile I made a little something on the current build, hope you like it. stay satfe and stay at home.

Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for making GB Studio. It was intimidating at first, but I've been slowly getting the hang of using it. Because of GB Studio I've been able to participate in my friend's game jams. 

The one I made recently actually works! (Not too bad for my second attempt at making a game, lol)

I'm starting to get hooked because I have a list of improvements and updates I'd like to make now that the jam is over. I'm really glad I found GB Studio. 


I've made a game!

hey there developer, i'm brazilian so sorry for any errors, i think it would be cool if you could add midi files, because its very dificult to convert .midi to .mod


Use deflemask to compose and export to .mod


Here's a project I've been working on in GB Studio for fun.  Check it out.


Nice work burrdoe, I like it!


Thanks, a lot! This program is amazing. I've always tried learning game dev but never made as much progress as I have with GB Studio. 


The only game mode available is the Top Down 2D format. I heard there was a platformer mode that I would be very interested in checking out, but it doesn't seem to be working for me. Is this only a problem for Mac versions?


The platformer mode is still work in progress as part of the next big update I’m working on. Taking a little longer than I hoped but check back every now and again and it will be there eventually!


Awesome, I'm very anxious about the platformer module too :) i'll keep checking out, thanks for making this very nice software.


Hi Chris! 

I would like to thank you for all the work you have put into developing GBStudio. For the last few weeks (after my work) me and my wife made a first game ever! That was a fun! We made it for our kids and they love it! My wife did not believe that we can make it, but here it is!

You can have a look here:

One more time I want to thank you for a great piece of software!

Keep up a good work! 


Hi Michał, looks great! And you’ve got a Polish translation and multiple characters too, wow!! So glad you had fun making this with your wife, I want to make a game with my wife at some point too :-) nice work!

Thanks a lot! We have created another short game with GBstudio, more as a concept game.  Now, we will try to create something more complete. Let me know if you plan to upgrade GBStudio I would have some ideas what to improve. Cheers!


Tried to download on windows but kept getting an error that says "entry point not found" Could someone maybe do a video walkthrough on how to install on windows so I could see what i'm doing wrong? Thank you.

macbook pro os 10.15.13 can't play any sound in Rom or Web.

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I tried to install it on xubuntu (Linux) using the itch client, but it didn't run when I clicked on the 'Launch' button because the itch client can't run .deb files.

please, distribute the Linux port as a directory tree in a zip file like GDevelop (at least optionnally)  so the client would intall it in 

/home/"name of the user"/.config/itch/apps/gb-studio/   (in the /home folder, without altering anything in the operating system, perfectly safe)

and not just download a .deb file in /gb-studio and leave it there.

And most importantly: It would launch when the user lanches it from the itch client, as expected

  And thank you so much for making for making such a cool cross-platform software , you are awesome!


Wow, thank you very much for this amazing tool! It is super easy and there are so many possibilities. I made my first game with it and it is so much fun to try it on different devices that can emulate GB games!


When will platforming games be a possibility?

I’m still working on it, a bit too early to set a date just yet but I’ll definitely be sharing more information as I get a bit closer :-)

patiently waiting for this aswell, i hope all if not some aspects of a megaman / castlevania are in the mode.

I have made a 3 levels game using GB Studio. -

I credit yous in the built in credits (at the end of the game).


I made a small game for my wedding party using GB Studio, and planning a new project now. Can't thank you enough for the joy on my friend's faces (and helping make my wife cry in the best way)!


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Hi everybody, this software is amazing, congrats! I have one question: sure you all remember the collisions in Link's Awakening; they seem not to be limited to 16x16 tiles. Instead, the collisions in that game are pretty precise: pixel by pixel. Could any of you enlighten me in that matter, please? Thank you very much in advance!

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