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This looks cool! I can't wait for android version xD


I was just thinking that since the newest version supports background tile priority, maybe you could alter the sample project to showcase that feature by applying tile priority to the arch over the bridge in Sample Town.

Just a suggestion, take it or leave it.


Good idea!


Wake up Baby, the slopes are here


Finally, I can make my own Game Boy games


This is very cool looking. I've been on for a while but was not aware a system like this was evolving. Looking forward to checking it out. I've developed a couple of games with my own C# engine and am always on the lookout for ways to get young people into game creation as easily as possible.


Also as this says I should send it, I am doing so ;)

How can I change the language to English instead of the one used by my OS?

It's great to see the block's priority. But I'm still not going to update so I can finish my game on the previous version!


As a note to those trying to run this on Linux Mint:

Run it through the terminal with the --no-sandbox argument. 

I can’t wait to try the update, I just hope the plutform plus plugin still works

I just think about how to get some tiles from other room and teleport to current location?!
Because I need in left side different costumes and in right side different rooms


You could try using GBVM to swap out the tiles.

This article will explain how.

You can actually run these on a 3ds if you have custom firmware and convert it to .cia and install it with FBI. For my Game Boy games on my page i put the Virtual Console .cia along with the standard ROMs for people who actually have a Game Boy or GBA, or those who might want to play it on other consoles. Check it out!

or just get TWiLight Menu++ and emulate it

TWiLight Menu ++ is useless when you can foreward nds games to your home screen and virtual console exists.


Can I also expect to get a andriod port in future?


I don't think so.


Yeah, if that were to happen it would be very watered down and not as good because Windows is better fit for apps like this, while Android and iOS are not suited for an app like this. Even Roblox studio is only on PC.


Where 3.1.1?

version 3.1.1 does not exist as a "stable" release as it was a dev build

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dont wanna be mean but like, why not just place some random notes?

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welcome! gameboy is fun!

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idk what to do because the interface is confusing

1. i cannot change colors from the pallets, so i am stuck with the lightest colors

2. where do i add what button does what

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Everything requires learning, but when you devote some time to it, everything seems simple and obvious.

Yeah, I’ve already got the hang of it. You just have to play around for a while


yoooo this game engine is so cool people from all ages can finally create their own video games! I personally like this tool it's really creative!

I agree! It's so awesome.

yes it even has features that are unbelievable!!!

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Download works without any problems. 

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oh now it works sorry :P

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Is there a way to replace one big static image with another big image? Just to show big characters in Visual Novels and change their clothes. And changing seasons backgrounds.

No, it's mostly because of gameboy limitations. But you can draw charackters on screen as a background. 

I suppose you could set up a scene where you have two or more screens, and you can use the "Camera Move To" function to jump from one screen to the next.

Just be aware that only so many unique tiles can be loaded in one scene.

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This is an amazing tool!


can you get this in browser or download for chromebook? i need like a html link or smth...


pls makeit easier


It's already really easy...

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also it's super hard

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I though so, but when I tried to make game, it took me like day or two to figure out almost everything with ease. You should first try, it really is pretty easy. 

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if you want to teach me then do it


You call me a liar and I  have to teach you? I don't know who raised you, but I will suggest some manners.


This project is awesome. You're a true rockstar.


hello sorry for the request but is there a way  i can make one in browser without downloading it because i am trying to improve my pixel game skills and the computer i use does not let me download anything 


Make a Android/iOS Version!


he most likley 100% wouldn’t

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gb studio is already hard it doesn't need to be harder


Hello, I have a watermark when loading the game, I'm always planning to promote this game maker and would not like it as a distraction from my game... is there any way the remove it, i can probably understand why you have put watermarks on it but can i have some help

What? There is no watermarks in this app at all. 

Deleted post

Maybe Re-install GB Studio because thats never happened to me


Hello, The program is very cool i like it, but i wants in the next version to export to windows, MacOS and Linux


GB Studio, like title says, is to make gameboy games. Not windows or mac games.


just use an emulator. there are so many outside for free...


AppImage broken?

ERROR: appimage_register_in_system : Missing icon field in the desktop entry


Hi. I wanna make a beat-em-up like Beats of Rage. is there any plan to make a template like this?



I remember vaguely that the save/load functionality does not work for web exports? Can someone tell me if that changed? Do I remember wrong?




What a cool freakin' program this is. Love how you can even export the project source and do other stuff with it from there on.

hello, I noticed while developing my game that if I have an actor emit a bullet and open and close any kind of menu the bullet is fired immediately afterwards, and if I do this repeatedly the actor will emit continuously without pause.

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