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I just put an item in the HUD of my game, and it started glitching with random sprites on the screen before it gave me this error:

How do I fix it?

Wait, I figured it out.

I had my player set to an animation state that I hadn't assigned to it! Silly me.

Preparando cordas...

Preparando imagens...

Preparando ui...

Erro: fim inesperado da entrada

Avisos:- Erro: Fim inesperado da entrada


I have tried Pico-8, TIC-80, BITSY, Playdate PULP but GB Color is by far the best game development system for non programmers fo the following reasons :

- It uses PNG files so its easy to make art with any image editor

- Relation between rooms is displayed visually and easy to relate

- Sprite animations, dialogues, sprite interactions can all be made easily without programming

- Powerful variable use is also possible

- Less limitations and more colors than bitsy and PULP

- Extremely comprehensive sample projects

Of course it is not web based and it takes a bit of time to compile, it is not possible to edit the sprites pixel by pixel like in Bitsy and Pulp, but the advantage of using an external sprite editor overcomes this problem (though I would like a sprite editor at least as good as Playdate PULP integrated in GB Color. A web interface for creating games would be nice as well.

I took me some time to understand how to use the IDE though. Even though sample projects are nice you should have a 5 minutes tutorial on the top of this page showing how to create a simple character, 2 rooms, collision, and dialogue interaction so beginners would feel at home and those who want something a bit more powerful than Bitsy would understand they found it!


Está precisando de uma versão android, se conseguirem fazer kkk

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What is Squirrel Unset 

(Please respond i want to Use GB Studio

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can you make it for us Chrome OS Developers Pweaseeeeeeee


my school doesn't let me use Linux for some reason


m8 just buy a cheap old macbook they cost like 250$ on amazon


all of my money comes from the Game Dev market


Just to make it clear, if you're going to have sprites displaying behind the background layer, that means that they'll only show through the lightest shade.


cant compile on 32 bit

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how can i delete gb studioo

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how can i delete gb studioo

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how can i delete gb studioo

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how can i delete gb studioo


You uninstall it?


I think GB Studio needs a new update. GB Studio no longer works on Linux/Chrome OS. A new update may be necessary, just a 3.0.4 nothing larger like a 4.0 unless needed.

gbstudio is made and coded by volunteers, it will take a really long time for more updates

Makes sense. I’ve found a fix for it anyways you just disable GPU


deleted half of my computer storage just to put Linux on there, I finally download it, I press create and...nothing. It either glitches out between my Mario wallpaper and the project, or it only glitches a little  and I can't do anything, but it's usually both. Sometimes pressing any action button just results in a blank box, and don't even get me STARTED on when i pressed the play button...let's just say if anybody has a high-storage chromebook dont download this unless;
1. this gets fixed
2. you want to re-create the feeling all those kids felt when they looked at a virtual boy for the first time (in my opion, I think the glitching was worse than my virtual boy screen)
really bummed, I was looking forward to this, please fix this soon :'


You got this issue too? I’m also on ChromeOS and after updating Chrome it’s started glitching


yea, it sucks. I continued to try and increase the disk size issues ;-;
While I'm on the topic of it, since you also have Chrome OS, do you have file space in your storage for literally no reason? I've gone through all my files, deleted all of them, and still SOMEHOW had 10.2 MB of files taking up my storage ._.

Same with browsing history

Deleted 199 days ago

gbstudio is made and coded by volunteers, it will take a really long time for more updates


Very promising, I'm really looking forward to seeing how this comes along. Very slick interface with a really nice idea behind it!

Right now, I think the biggest thing this needs is an in-software map/scene editor.
Having the ability to call upon a tileset for map data, rather than having every map be a separate image, would greatly reduce the final size of games created, and is the way that most Gameboy games worked back on original hardware.

Keep up the great work!


Yes, the same way it is done on Bitsy and Playdate PULP, I would really be happy with such a feature! (Though I don't want the picture support to drop, so it would be best as an addition and not a replacement)


The Fantasy Consoles Discord server is back!

As of now, we have dedicated channels for: (35) Fantasy Consoles, (20) Fantasy Computers, (19) Engines, and (7) Game Creation Systems.

GB Studio is of course included.

Deleted 194 days ago

ask the reddit community or the discord for help, they will reply quickly


Now that you're associated officially with the analogue pocket which can hold more, and do more then the original gameboy do you plan on making a gbstudio3 with more options or updating the current one? I really love this software but its' kinda limited here and there, and I'm afraid to make games on it do to the restraints that don't really make sense for the pocket? It's the only software out there for it, and the pocket cna do more than it allows. For example I can't really see anyone making anything close to pokemon or mariocart on this, but the pocket could defiantly run it, and this is the only software out there for the pocket!?

/gen /nm


Short answer (from being in the project for 3 years) probably no. For the same reason that there won’t be a GBA Studio, GB Studio is volunteer-developed and doesn’t have the resources to focus on anything besides the Gameboy. There is a 3.1 update being worked on currently (no release date) and beyond that, there could still be more updates to improve it.

If you want more ways to develop for your Pocket, you have a whole world of Gameboy homebrew tools to choose from, and various ways to patch .gb files. You could also try learning to make homebrew for Atari Lynx, Neo Geo, or Game Gear.


I am searching so long for a engine which don´t need programmer skills from the user and I really love yours. 

I saw godot and tried but realised that I need programming anyway. Than changed to rpgmaker. Actually I was happy about it but annoyed about the limit on tilesets which can used in one scene. Also the complex workaround for paralax was just annoying...
Now I am trying this one and I just love the features it have but also it is sad that it is limited to GB-games. Would be nice to have the option to use more buttons and remove the pallet limit and import bigger scenes (if it is not meant to be for GB). Also it would be nice to add multiple for- and backrounds to make parallax and also a weather effect (e.g. rain) way easier. 
but I love the way the events work and how I can make a custom scripts even without programming. Also the way the Scenes show up is amazing. You made a really good tool!

Is there any chance for a future update to open more possibilities to create games without GB limitations? (I know the Tool is called GB-Studio but your tool is not comparable to any other tool which advertised with "no-programming-skills needed". Yours its just the best so far....)

FNAF was made with a no coding game engine, you really don’t have to code to make a good game. That’s just what Nintendo does.

Godot is much easier than you think, there is literally a method called "move_and_slide" which will handle...moving and sliding ^^

And there is even a method called "move_and_collide" and you can probably guess what it does.

Also, the language, GDScript is indent based, which makes it quite visual.

The easiest way to get started is by doing one of the simplest scene only using physic based nodes, so you can get to know the UI side of it. Then, you can add some code.

You may find it much easier than you thought  that it was.

GBStudio is nice, because it allows to create...GB games, which requires quite some level coding and GB studio makes it visual. So, there is no competition between Godot and GBStudio.


Making a childhood dream a reality.


Is there any way how to enable actor collision in platformer mode?


can i make a game for game boy advance/ advance SP ?


no, only gameboy and gameboy color, gba uses a different coding language


Ummm So Gb I Cant Make A Game Even I Have It Oh Im Not Good At It Stupid Me 😁


it would be awesome if this was somehow ported to webgl, but i dont think that'll happen


who knows, maybe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


i wonder if its even possible


it does have HTML support tho?


Ooh maybe, isn’t there first-party support for webgl through Electron? If there’s a dev out there who really wants to try and see this happen, they’re welcome to fork and adjust the source code:

Most ports are kinda tricky cause there’s not a lot of developer time that could go towards maintaining a separate version of the engine, so ideally it’s something that can just be built alongside the usual PC/Mac/Linux versions without too many adjustments.

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wow this looks awesome. by any chance is link support planned? MP would be very coo.
edit: Oh I see it already has it! yep I am paying for this.


This game is 80 MB big and I can’t download it any faster! Sorry, if that was useless, but this is my opinion.


its not a game, its an application for making gameboy and gameboy color games


It doesn’t matter, what program is that, but I hate waiting for something to download!


HAHA!!!! Oh my god you're impatient. 80MB is nothing with today's internet speeds. Try downloading 80MB on a 56k modem.


I’m using Windows laptop, it has 150MB storage size and it’s new. If you suggest me to delete something useless, that would be helpful, but now, I have no idea about that.


If you're not sure what to delete off your computer, I suggest you get an external storage device for your GB Studio projects.


you have to delete sys32 /j


How does your computer have 150MB of storage, brand new? You mean GB? It's impossible for modern Windows to work with less than half a gig left.


bruh, where tf do you live where you think downloading 80mb of data is slow


I live in Ukraine, OS: Windows, Core: Intel i7, Graphic card: Intel iRISxe, Developed by Lenovo. Any other questions?


Your computer specs don't matter if your ISP is slow. Stay safe and I hope things work out peacefully over there.

Can you make games for the Gameboy advance if not can I make a Gameboy and or color game and be able to play it on the Gameboy advance


You can play GB/GBC game made with this software on GBA! 


GBA is backwards compatiple, your games should work on it.


Important question: can games made in GB Studio be sold (like, is it ok with the creators)? I’m making a game in it that I’m gonna release on Steam and, but I’m early enough in the development that it’s not a big deal if I can’t make commercial games in GB Studio and have to switch engines (I may switch engines due to the limitations anyway).


of coursse u can sell games made with gb studio, just be sure to make original titles, fan games, demakes or recreations when sold, might fall to a c&d from the original dev


Why remove "Item: Attack"? Why?


launch projectile can now be edited to stay in place like a sword slash, so item attack is kinda redundant event now


idk how to change introments.

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Hi again ^^, I don't know if it's the right place to put it here but i have some suggestions on the Sprites Editor:
* The first one is to make it possible to select tiles less than the dimention of 16x32 px so we can reduce the size of our sprite sheets. ^^ Here is an example of my player actor sprite sheet that unfortunately bounds to the current selected tiles rules and cannot be smaller because of that limitation:

 As you can see, I make my tiles to be fit to the 16x32 px limitation, so please make it possible to select free! so the minimum selection can be 1x1 px.

* Another suggestion is to let us to do flip directions and rotate our tiles so we can reduce our sprite sheets even more! (I know that is a button that do a left side by fliping the entire sprite but that's not what i was talking about! I'm talking about the ability to flip specific tiles in the canvas to any direction (horizontal & vertical flip) and / or also rotating at least in 90 degrees so we can make some corners to our actor and so on. ^^

* My final suggestion today is to let us to copy the right side and make automatically the left side that is flipped by the right side so we can make an actor that is looks almoust the same in both sides but has a little change in one of the sides. For example adding some eye patch or have some tattoo in one of the hand of the actor and so on. So basically what i wished is for easy miroring the sides of an actor and then have the ability to put some extra content so it will be a little bit different in one side or even both sides. (In this current version 3.0.3 if i want to add something to one side of my actor, it makes me to crate from scratch the other side so no easy mirroring or copy the tiles of one side and flipping it in the right positions yet. -_-)

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Hi, Thanks for the new version 3.0.3 but i found some issues that need to be fix:

* Sprite editor canvas not moving the tiles parts perfectly on the canvas and it's looks like it move somtimes by 1 and half pixels insted of 1 pixel per move so because of that when i tried to make an actor it looks like it not in the right position an it's looks like it's a liitle bit off and breaking the sprite a little, but when i'm runnig the game the sprite looks perfectly in the right position so i know the problem is only in the sprite editor canvas movment.

Here is an example of the issue: 

I hope it can be fixed soon. ^^

*Another issue i found is in the default sample game when you go to the "top down" sample town and try to move the rock around if you try to move it in some position it make the player to be stuck an not moving anymore! the game is still running fine and the music still playing but you cannot move and also cannot go to the "quest list" so basically you cannot use any buttons! Here is the exactly position that makes the issue: (by trying to push the rock in to the lake in this position and direction)

I hope it can be fixed soon. ^^


On 3.0.2 I made a flash effect on my game making the screen dissapear and appear again but on 3.0.3 the "appear" event doesn't seem to work anymore, the screen stays on a white screen.

Deleted 355 days ago

I can´t see the Item: attack event D:
I do not know if you renamed it or removed it but I simply cannot use it

Me too


launch projectile can now be edited to stay in place like a sword slash, so item attack is kinda redundant event now

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