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the first time i check my email and am not underwhelmed

This new update is fantastic!! Thank you so much.!

I may have found a bug. If you use wait during a choice menu it causes the game to hang. Not sure if there is a better place to bug report. Thanks!

I'm loving the new update, but when I tried to run my game, I got this message:


i love the new update yes 







cat bug? :0

No version 3


Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this awesome project! I am impressed !


youre a god




Omg! I've checked every week for the last year for this update! So pleased! This is amazing! Thanks for all your hard work, sure this wasn't an easy task. Amazing!!

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I can't access the Music Editor. I can only access it in the Sample Project.

EDIT: I just figured it out that in order to access the Music Editor, you have to turn on hUGE.

oop    theres one thing i noticed and thats that theres still no proper sound effect editor/options. im sorry, but a noise, another noise, and a beep aint gonna work for me! look forward to when that gets updated though!


Hopefully coming in the next update :-) the new game engine has a lot more sound effect options, I’ve not exposed all that new functionality in GB Studio’s user interface just yet.

awesome! i look forward to it    thanks for all the cool stuff chrisLaidBack-thumbsup - Anime Feminist

*peering moth noises*



all hail the gbs community for this!


Thank you for all the hard work you and your team put into this, Chris! We really appreciate it!! 🐘



I want to have a variable in my game that increases over time. Is that possible?

This is the best software ever made. Thanks to this software, I made a few games. But for the plat former, I hope there will be a setting where I can set the jump button to another.


Friendly reminder that 2 beta 4 has been superseded by 2 beta 5, which features countless bug fixes:


PSYCHE 3.0 is out now


for anyone interested in gb studio made assets heres a link to my asset packs, theyre all free to use please read the licensing for more info


can you make it arch compatible


The .deb is just an archive that you can install/run on arch, here's a guide:


awsome, i didnt know that


I really liked your project.
It would be great to have a platform game template.


There is a platform game template if you download 2 beta 4, the latest version available here.




I've decided to share with you a custom sprite I've created for my video game. It's a mailbox based on the mailbox from Lego Super Mario's house. You're welcome to use it in your games.


Does this support making your own custom cutscenes/interactable cutscenes? Great looking tool overall!

I have been able to figure it out in my game. Hopefully, this video demonstration will explain it. If not, I can post the code for it.

BTW, this is a game based on my YouTube series.


Please add link cable multiplayer support!

And maybe later rewrite the code for GBA if that’s not gonna be to hard.


Question- can you use the event scripting to change a tile on the map during gameplay? I had an idea fora  real time lighting system, changing some tiles to an all black tile while the players moving...didn't see anything like this in the docs, so just making sure if it's possible


Also- another question- do you support multiplayer through GB link cables?


yes I would love to see that too

yeah its there but its limited. link and host/send recieve packets.

Excellent, good to know



Hello! I recently learned about GB Studio, I know that GB Studio 2 will have color. But Would the games I make with Color Mode, be compatible with a real Gameboy Color?


Yes, GB Studio makes games for actual hardware. Also, you can use 2.0 if you want; it's already out, even if it's still in beta.

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Is here somebody know!? how can i move space battle tamplate vertically to make space shooter game..for now its mowing me please

Mm esta bien el proyecto jojala y lo termines suerte

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and see my game and buy them if any proplem tell me

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hi is this good

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I've got a problem where every time an actor collision event occurs, the attached script runs more than once. This is unfortunate for the life system I've created for my game. How can I fix it?

I've been having this issue as well...

IDK why but after installing this my computer wont install anything at all except this. if anyone knows a fix please tell me

what computer is it? How old is it?

nevermind, managed to fix it

#1: Good morning, afternoon or night. I want to Chris respond my comment. Hmmm... If some people can, I want say some changes that  I really say that are importants for the next GB Studio's version...

#1: Do some thing for the user can modify the fade of the scene changing, I say, the colors seems like are of WHITE to BLACK and of BLACK to WHITE, and I want to do that the scene changing are from WHITE to BLACK and draw direct the other scene, like POKÉMON.
#2: I want that you do something script for relocate the dialogue, it appears in the down part of the seeble scene, and I think that are well...

#3: I want to you do (if you can) an version for Android, iOS or Chrome OS, I have just: Android phone and a Chromebook... 😅 My money don't give me the opportunity of have an MacBook or other ordinary laptop... 😅 Well, I leave you, bye!

Note: I'm Cuban, my English aren't good...

Shut up, brother. Why you have an account and you didn't said me??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there a way I can get an actor to follow the player around?

Or, could I perhaps control more than one actor?

Through scripted events- on joystick, make actor's position relative to player position, and direction relative to player direction

is 3.0 out yet? it's been months, I can't wait!

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Nope, there won't be a full 2.0 release.


Because 3.0 is already being worked on, and there's no reason to finish 2.0 at this point.

a very complex system with music, I did not understand how to make this mod.Why not make wav normally? or ogg

2/ Russian and Cyrillic are not supported.


1. You're making a game for the Game Boy.

2. Try this.

do yo know how yo make power ups??

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