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and see my game and buy them if any proplem tell me

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hi is this good

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I've got a problem where every time an actor collision event occurs, the attached script runs more than once. This is unfortunate for the life system I've created for my game. How can I fix it?

I've been having this issue as well...

IDK why but after installing this my computer wont install anything at all except this. if anyone knows a fix please tell me

what computer is it? How old is it?

nevermind, managed to fix it

#1: Good morning, afternoon or night. I want to Chris respond my comment. Hmmm... If some people can, I want say some changes that  I really say that are importants for the next GB Studio's version...

#1: Do some thing for the user can modify the fade of the scene changing, I say, the colors seems like are of WHITE to BLACK and of BLACK to WHITE, and I want to do that the scene changing are from WHITE to BLACK and draw direct the other scene, like POKÉMON.
#2: I want that you do something script for relocate the dialogue, it appears in the down part of the seeble scene, and I think that are well...

#3: I want to you do (if you can) an version for Android, iOS or Chrome OS, I have just: Android phone and a Chromebook... 😅 My money don't give me the opportunity of have an MacBook or other ordinary laptop... 😅 Well, I leave you, bye!

Note: I'm Cuban, my English aren't good...

Shut up, brother. Why you have an account and you didn't said me??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there a way I can get an actor to follow the player around?

Or, could I perhaps control more than one actor?

Through scripted events- on joystick, make actor's position relative to player position, and direction relative to player direction

is 3.0 out yet? it's been months, I can't wait!

Deleted 340 days ago

Nope, there won't be a full 2.0 release.


Because 3.0 is already being worked on, and there's no reason to finish 2.0 at this point.

a very complex system with music, I did not understand how to make this mod.Why not make wav normally? or ogg

2/ Russian and Cyrillic are not supported.


1. You're making a game for the Game Boy.

2. Try this.

do yo know how yo make power ups??

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Deleted 284 days ago

Yep, you can do random math


one of my fave engines! in future is there way to change the sprites color palettes in game? keep up nice work

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I wish that you could add more than 10 actors to the games without graphical errors.


i think thats a gameboy graphical limit, try flickering


Can I adjust the screen size? I'm still newbie with this app.


no is one of gameboy limitations

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There's a bug where the engine looks for a gbsproj file, I cannot uninstall the engine and reinstall it either.

I screwed up the engine when trying to modify it.

nevermind, I fixed my own problem by starting a new project.

Deleted 29 days ago

That's for 3.0.


is it possible to make a Chromebook friendly version?


You should be able to use one of the Linux releases on your Chromebook. You just have to go into your Chromebook settings and opt into the Linux beta.

My Chromebook doesn't have that option. I followed different tutorials, but in settings there's nothing mentioning Linux. I also got a notification by Chrome that my Chromebook will stop getting automatic updates. Have any ideas what's wrong?


Chris Matbly, dude your program is way way way better than Godot.

By a long shot, you know it's good when you learn a bunch in a week and retain skills.

With Godot I didn't learn anything in a  month. I was in development hell, now with gb studio I'm in game development Heaven. Please advertise more.

Show some commercials on TV, on Reddit, and on Youtube.

This is the perfect software to teach anybody, and I mean it!

You saved my butt. And my project.


There's a newer beta on GitHub


Thanks man

is it beta 6?

Beta 5

can you make an FPS with it? ( first person shooter)

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If you look at tyrannosaurus tex, then somewhat. Unfortunately this engine is not designed to do that sort of task. And therefore impossible unless you mod this engine to refresh tiles in rapid succession. And have some extremely compact raycasting code. Which at that point you might as well do assembly. Not to mention it requires extreme knowledge of the hardware inside and out.




when is mode 7 support comming



Mode 7 was come from SNES and GBA


The last time I checked, the GBA doesn't have mode 7. It just has the same transformations as the SNES. And the GBA's "Mode 7" also allows for the same transformations on Sprites, something the SNES doesn't do.

Oh, hey. Looks like there's a GBoy Studio 'opening game cutscene' animation jam going on from now until 6/14/21

GB Studio Jam (Skittle Special #2) hosted by Repugnant Bounty


not sure if anyone noticed but, beta 5 is actually out a month ago. here's a video on how to get it. (not mine)

maltby forgot to update the description lul.

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he's been updating frequently on his github btw, there is an alpha 3.0 and stable release 1.2.2


They can add mechanics such as "writing the player's name" and having the player's "movement sprite" revert to a "standing sprite" when he stops moving.


that would be cool

You could do them both with scripting


Why does windows defender think this is a virus? Is this a virus?


its not a virus, trust me


yea im just gonna be on the safe side but if I need this ill get it


Windows defender thinks most things are a virus, if you download through the itch client it does not.

ah thx


Imagine being "just a programmer" but turning away a drag and drop dev tool because Window's Defender is being Windows Defender. 

imagine using window

hey Chris Matby, he has also tried uploading gb studio to other platforms to upload projects like It would be good to upload the engine in several places, and gamejolt is a big site, I also liked this new version of gb studio a lot

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my chromebook dosent support crosstini or linux beta

I feel like this really does work, I just don't know how to run Linux and stuff.

Windows build? If you're comparing the difficulty to Linux just build upon the template


This is amazing, but please add diagonal movement

can you add one for chrome os pls my chromebook cant support linux

acc you can activate linux beta so if know the commands you open the the zip file and use the studio

no like when i go to my settings there is no linux or linux mode at all


Hi, I have a problem. When I open a project, the funds don't appear. I've already reloaded the assets and it's still the fault. How can I fix this?

I may not be the creator but I think deleting the engine and then re-downloading it might fix it!

Looks like it can't find the backgrounds


can you FIX the audio pls


how i can make cutscenes?

You do an action tile and make it so a sprite for animation pops up, You can make this animation sprite do anything from emote when a certain area is reached or even have dialogue


Can I Create something like "The Legend of Zelda - Minish Cap" Combat style on this? if so I'll buy ASAP!


it is totally possible! also you don't need to buy the engine its totally free.


im going to scream on top of my lungs until i get to use gameboy studio in browser

oh my god that'd be awesome



That would be neat. Make it an HTML5 interface, and do the compiling on the back end. Be able to load in your project locally or from a cloud service. I could see that being a huge win.



imagine just exporting the engine into HTML so then people can use it in the browser XD




just plss i wanted the STUPID GB STUDIO

Just download it, it's free.




Chill, bro. xD

i actually know a online game builder that makes games for gameboy, will update if i find it.

Here's a game i made with it:



I heard you can install GB Studio on a Chromebook; if not, just install a Linux distro that's compatible with your laptop. And stop being so annoying, the developer is making a free app for everyone to use and you're screaming because you can't run it.

Hi, I just finished a game made on the beta version, available as free download and physical GB cartridge too ! I think it's a good example of what you can do with the log. And there is a small tutorial in the commentary section to modifying physics of the engine :


can u make it so that u dont have to download but use GB studio in browser

i agree. I am a person who has a computer that cant run .exe, linux, and mac files and want to make a GameBoy Game.

Just out of curiosity, what are you running if you can't use any of the provided executables?


chrome os. but my computer doesnt work with linux


you can get wine for chrome os im pretty sure


ur stupid

Just search google or youtube How to install windows applications on your chromebook, so you won't have to wait to use "GB Studio" ... In fact, there is an application called "CrossOver" with which you can install any file with an .exe extension. . do some research. Success and greetings.

pls tell me its on google play rn

crossover isnt on google play for some reason

wait u have crossover?

No previous knowledge of coding is needed, you will be using a visual scripting tool, there are many tutorials to show how to script using scripted events collision detections.


Amazing tool that kicks ass,
Keep up the good work Mate!

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