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Any chance to get a native build for Arch Linux? I just looked on the internet and what I found so far is that neither .deb or .rpm will  work on Arch without going through weird loops to make it work


Have you tired building/running it from the source on git. That shouldn't be too difficult.


With the character walking animations, I think it should be possible to have an idle animation with the 6in No. 16x16 sprites. Just have a front idle sprite, a front walking sprite that is then flipped back and forth, a back idle sprite, a front walking sprite that is then flipped back and forth, and two side walking sprites, flipped for direction. Does anyone know how to go about implementing this?


Unfortunately, that would leave no room for any other sprite animations. It would be highly inefficient for this engine. Not to mention there's no way to animate that many frames without having to resort to coding each frame on the update pattern, which for player sprites is impossible due to only the last 2 frames being flipable. I've definitely tried this at the start, but with no luck. So I opted to making the most out of a little. 


I'm having some problems running the Linux file. Is it just me or does it work for others?


The .deb works fine for me in Mint


in GB studio what is a good music editor


Unfortunately there's no real good music editor with the current build. The best that I was capable of was by making the song in beep box (or anything with a midi export). And then using the sample song located in your music folder of gb studio. I loaded the .mod file in open mpt FIRST. Then I went under file and append the .midi file. Then I manually resampled each note, and test that it worked. Then export the new song in the .mod format. 

In short, theres just no easy way of doing this (or a good way for that matter) you just have to experiment and see whats right. 

Otherwise I used for making the music and exporting to .midi

Open mpt for tracker conversions, as to convert to the .mod format 

Does LSDJ support .mod export?

Unfortunately no, there's no way to transfer the files out unless you extract them raw. And even then it would way too much work.


Wonderful idea! Followed!


Just out of shear curiosity on the upcoming update for the low level mode in GB studio.  Is there a way to add in Super Nintendo assembly to this engine? Because I've learned that a select few games can basically load in Super Nintendo code, graphics and sound into the Super Gameboy. Because its such a cool feature thats rarely ever used in the super gameboy (possibly due to small memory).  I understand if its not currently possible, I mean your work is excellent enough already. And hey, at least with this low level mode, I can add in this FMV sequence for the GBC mode.

In the new trailer, it shows we will at the very least have custom Super Gameboy border support, which is exciting to me.

Definitely agree, and hey I'm not complaining. I can at least show off my snes sprite art.


Hi! Did you ban Suspense_Comix from posting comments? Because it seems like he can't



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how do i make a platformer?

Deleted 255 days ago

Hi, I'm making a platformer from GB Studio, you can see here a demo, If you have some question I can answer (physic motor and other) :


messing with the platformer parameters, either on the editor or through an event doesnt work for me. idk if this is a bug but i dont see any changes in run/walk velocity, gravity etc. even when the sliders are all the way to 0 nor at max values


I leave my project for you to see  file:///C:/Users/pc/Desktop/1/nave/build/rom/

is in development and has errors but some of GB Studio

it's a link to the ROM


Uhh.... that’s not a link, it’s a directory path. You will have to upload it to a site like Dropbox or Mediafire and send the URL from there.


This link can only be seen in your computer not in internet.

Are you ever going to provide an actual URL? The filepath is useless to those who don't have access to your C drive, which makes all of us. 


me salio esto en mi proyecto de GB Studio :(


Check out my project for Gb Studio.

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Can you upload GB Studio to game jolt? downloads become forbidden.


Bruh GameJolt is ONLY for games! It literally says it in the title! If you are blind and can't see the title then I'll say it for ya: GAMEJolt


* ...Chris, se me ha ocurrido una grandísima
*idea, verás... se me ha ocurrido la idea de que

* hagas una versión de GB Studio para iphone

* y android... y que si puedes hagas una nueva

versión de GB Studio en la cual se puedan crear juegos con sprites más largas de hasta 20 frames, que en esa misma versión se puedan crear batallas como las de undertale, y bueno, adiós...(por ahora)

I HAS A QUESTION: For My game I want to make some big bosses. Is there a way to make larger sprites? Also, how do you add a control where you can replace your sprite with another one momentarily (if he’s using a weapon when pressing “b”)?


The best way I've managed to make a big boss, is by syncing 6 sprites (technically 12) all in unison. This will eat into your animation cycles. But I bet you already knew that. And creating chunks of code that all gets executed at the exact same time.

Oh, for the second question.  That you have to put under init in the scene with the attach script to button command. So that way it only attaches the script once as soon as you load the scene. Do not put attach script to button under update, otherwise it WILL lag the game very badly. 

My game won’t run, it keeps saying banked data too large. What do I do?

How large is your data in rom form. Or are you executing in engine.

I was making a game and then when I made a character follow the player, the program was set on a black screen and it wouldn't let me continue, just saw and bolt open :(

Show post...

Great program! Wondering if you can make a gameboy advance or gameboy color tool too?

i think hes been implementing gbc stuff for 2.0

Now it’s here!

I see the notes for version 5, but where is version 5. All I see is version 4

Go to:

Then go to: “Download Now”> “No Thanks, Just Take Me to the Downloads” (or you can donate if you want)> You will see a pop-up, then press the “Download” Button on the top of the list (or the one second from the top). These are the 32 and 64 bit versions with the installers.

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Thank you so much, and merry Christmas 


Tengo una sugerencia: multijugador, sería genial poder crear juegos competitivos o cooperativos, posiblemente sea muy difícil pero podrías tenerlo en mente

so the .deb package's info is not found so i cannot install it. i talked about this on discord but didn't get any responce. i opened it in terminal and it spewed these strings:

chromebook-us@penguin:~$ sudo apt install ./GB-Studio-Linux-DEB-2.0.0-beta4.deb
Reading package lists... Error!
E: Sub-process Popen returned an error code (2)
E: Encountered a section with no Package: header
E: Problem with MergeList /home/chromebook-us/GB-Studio-Linux-DEB-2.0.0-beta4.deb
E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.

Can you make fixes to the depositorys or the deb package itself, i'd like to update to the latest version,  my discord is Nemokitty9#6732 if you need it. thanks!

Hi Nemokitty9, I'm not able to reproduce this issue. I've just set up a new Ubuntu install and tried the download here to check but doing the same command worked for me. I don't have a Chromebook to be able to test this on, does that have an ARM or an Intel processor do you know? It's possible GB Studio doesn't work on a Chromebook :-( Which Linux distribution are you running? 

I'm also trying to run it on a Chromebook and it doesn't work so it probably just doesn't run on Chromebooks. 


For GMTKJam 2019 I made an RPG called If, it was done in one day. The theme of the jam was "Only One", so the game features: one action button, one character, one place, one enemy, one NPC and one battle. The game features an attribute system and a turn-based battle system.

I'm working on a little project to add color to Merry Sample Project, so glad that the Gameboy color is supported now! If anyone wants to check it out Here it is!


Lovely idea, thanks for sharing :-)


Really really cool Project. Shows a lot of potential. I love the whole layout and how easy it is to use. Reminds me of the good old rpg-maker and the opportunity to make actual Gameboy games feels like a childhood dream come true.
Yet although I know and love how limitations can empower creativity, i feel like this is still a bit too limited. Once an rpg turnbased combat system is added to this tool (and maybe some access to deeper mechanics like jump physics and the likes), this will be absolutely amazing.

Keep up the great work!


Can we make 3D games on this?

not possable do to gbc hardware limitations.

At least, without reworking the engine entirely

you could try using Godot Engine…

is there a way to make it work on a raspberry pi 4 8 gig model?

Not just yet but there is someone working on getting GB Studio to run on a Raspberry Pi, I just bought a pi 4 myself to test it out. Can't commit to a release date yet but we're working on it :-)


Good to know!

Thank you soooooo much for replying! :D

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¡Hola! Tengo una sugerencia, que los Sprites se pueden poner un poco más grandes, encontré un proyecto con Sprites un poco más grande ( ).  sería útil tener la opción de Sprites más grande

Yep that would be awesome to have that in the futur :)

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I'm waiting to download the completed project,  but I really want to try some things. 

it's vary tempting to Jump into building more games🎮


Request: Multiplayer Support.




Has anyone tried their export on the Bittboy? I want to know if my games will work before I buy one. Thanks!

I really like this man, I can't believe you're giving this up for free, it really helps, thanks!

Question: What is the earliest version of mac required to run each version of GB Studio?

Hi I'm trying to make a simple arcade game where stuff falls and you have to collide with it to get score. I can only get the collision in top down and shoot em up, but I like the movement of point and click more. However when I have that mode on the collisions don't work, is there a way to fix this?

I have the GB Studio version 1. One question: could you translate the manuals to spanish?


Good news, the version 1 documentation has been translated into Spanish already and is available at

I'm having a problem with the actors. When I try and interact with one, it doesn't seem to run the script in the "On Interact" section. Do you know what could be the problem?


Never mind, I figured it out.


I think you should add an auto-save option.

pretty noice


im downloadin it cuz it sounds fun


This is such a cool concept, and from what I have heard and seen if it, it seems really well executed! I am so excited to download this I had to create an account just for this comment. I just hope it can live up to my expectations! I have very basic coding knowledge, so this is the perfect tool!

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