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I'l donate a lot when the paltformer mode drops ;)

Can you publish your games to with this tool?

yes :D


Hey! I have an idea of how to improve GB Studio.

What if you can add a type of drag & drop assembly code with instructions having descriptions, so that programmers can use it to write more hardware level code? 

I think this feature will improve GB Studio!

Hey! I love GB Studio, big fun to develop with!

I need to be able to make a call to an external script from HTML5 version of my game. Is it possible?

 I have a (small) budget and would pay for this feature!

As an artist I greatly appreciate this program, programing has never been my strong suit yet I've always wanted to develop a game this allows me to do that and I thank you. 

Can you please make a way of copying actors from one game to another?


been patiently waiting for the promised platformer mode, meanwhile I made a little something on the current build, hope you like it. stay satfe and stay at home.

Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for making GB Studio. It was intimidating at first, but I've been slowly getting the hang of using it. Because of GB Studio I've been able to participate in my friend's game jams. 

The one I made recently actually works! (Not too bad for my second attempt at making a game, lol)

I'm starting to get hooked because I have a list of improvements and updates I'd like to make now that the jam is over. I'm really glad I found GB Studio. 


I've made a game!

hey there developer, i'm brazilian so sorry for any errors, i think it would be cool if you could add midi files, because its very dificult to convert .midi to .mod


Use deflemask to compose and export to .mod


Here's a project I've been working on in GB Studio for fun.  Check it out.


Nice work burrdoe, I like it!


Thanks, a lot! This program is amazing. I've always tried learning game dev but never made as much progress as I have with GB Studio. 


The only game mode available is the Top Down 2D format. I heard there was a platformer mode that I would be very interested in checking out, but it doesn't seem to be working for me. Is this only a problem for Mac versions?


The platformer mode is still work in progress as part of the next big update I’m working on. Taking a little longer than I hoped but check back every now and again and it will be there eventually!


Awesome, I'm very anxious about the platformer module too :) i'll keep checking out, thanks for making this very nice software.


Hi Chris! 

I would like to thank you for all the work you have put into developing GBStudio. For the last few weeks (after my work) me and my wife made a first game ever! That was a fun! We made it for our kids and they love it! My wife did not believe that we can make it, but here it is!

You can have a look here:

One more time I want to thank you for a great piece of software!

Keep up a good work! 


Hi Michał, looks great! And you’ve got a Polish translation and multiple characters too, wow!! So glad you had fun making this with your wife, I want to make a game with my wife at some point too :-) nice work!

Thanks a lot! We have created another short game with GBstudio, more as a concept game.  Now, we will try to create something more complete. Let me know if you plan to upgrade GBStudio I would have some ideas what to improve. Cheers!


Tried to download on windows but kept getting an error that says "entry point not found" Could someone maybe do a video walkthrough on how to install on windows so I could see what i'm doing wrong? Thank you.

macbook pro os 10.15.13 can't play any sound in Rom or Web.

(3 edits)

I tried to install it on xubuntu (Linux) using the itch client, but it didn't run when I clicked on the 'Launch' button because the itch client can't run .deb files.

please, distribute the Linux port as a directory tree in a zip file like GDevelop (at least optionnally)  so the client would intall it in 

/home/"name of the user"/.config/itch/apps/gb-studio/   (in the /home folder, without altering anything in the operating system, perfectly safe)

and not just download a .deb file in /gb-studio and leave it there.

And most importantly: It would launch when the user lanches it from the itch client, as expected

  And thank you so much for making for making such a cool cross-platform software , you are awesome!


Wow, thank you very much for this amazing tool! It is super easy and there are so many possibilities. I made my first game with it and it is so much fun to try it on different devices that can emulate GB games!


When will platforming games be a possibility?

I’m still working on it, a bit too early to set a date just yet but I’ll definitely be sharing more information as I get a bit closer :-)

patiently waiting for this aswell, i hope all if not some aspects of a megaman / castlevania are in the mode.

I have made a 3 levels game using GB Studio. -

I credit yous in the built in credits (at the end of the game).


I made a small game for my wedding party using GB Studio, and planning a new project now. Can't thank you enough for the joy on my friend's faces (and helping make my wife cry in the best way)!


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Hi everybody, this software is amazing, congrats! I have one question: sure you all remember the collisions in Link's Awakening; they seem not to be limited to 16x16 tiles. Instead, the collisions in that game are pretty precise: pixel by pixel. Could any of you enlighten me in that matter, please? Thank you very much in advance!


I'm making a game based off of the sample project


I would like to make a money system in a game, but the variables do not pass 255,  is there a way to exceed this amount? because 255 is limited for a game with shops. Thank you

You could have it so that you get 2 sets of 255. 1 set is the wallet and the other is the Bank Bags (once you get to 255 in wallet, it adds 1 into this and it would reset the wallet). But I did't mess around with that. Also if you want to have it so that it keeps going, make it do it one coin at a time and have it read the random number and do it that many times.

e.g. you have 250 gold in wallet and 0 bank bags. You get 15 gold from an enemy. It counts up and now you get 10 gold in wallet and 1 bank bag. You reset back to the 250 gold, 0 bags state. You kill the same enemy but this time, you get 5 gold. You now have 0 gold and 1 bag.

But I haven't made a game with a money system yet so... i don't now about this.

Use kinda the Earthbound money hack. Your Dad send you money on credit card, and you should withdraw it. I myself do this, but my economy just decorative and do immerse.

I had currency in a game I made and I just added a zero to the variable so it would be $01$0 in the code. That way 1 ends up looking like 10 and it doesn't seem like such a small amount of currency.


The best software ever!I am big fan of Game Boy Color games,and now I can make my own game?!I am so excited!This is so awesome!!!!!!

(3 edits)

If I set My HP to value $01$ =10

and set if i interact Enemy

math functions = Subtract $01$ 15 Value

and set 

if value $01$ Less then or Equal to = 0 

it must change to Game Over scene

but it's not working 

But i Subtract $01$ 10 Value 

it's work!

(I must subtract 10 only? )

(I'm sorry for my english is not good but

i hope someone understands )


You’ve got an Underflow.

10 - 15 = 250.

When a byte goes below 0 it turns into 255.

You should check that the HP is greater or equal than the damage, if it is, substract 15 from hp, else, set it to 0.


I do tutorials on youtube



I've downloaded both the installer and non-installer version, but neither application does anything. I look in the folder it was said to install to and I can't see anything. I'm using windows 10. I hope I'm not just missing something or skipping a step. Any info to point me in the right direction would be helpful!


Your PC must be broken then, buy a new one.


You might be closer to the truth than you think haha.

Hi Admbrns, all I can suggest is checking first if you need the 32-bit downloads instead, if that doesn’t work I wonder if your anti virus software is not liking the app and maybe you need to whitelist it.

I hope this helps.

That is very likely it. I tried on a different computer and it worked wonderfully. Thank you for the reply

Nice project! Currently, I'm working on an open-source cartridge design, so this project is a great addition.

I'm running Ubuntu 18.04 on my machine, but gb-studio doesn't launch. I tried version 1.2 and installed via dpkg, everything seemed to be fine, every dependency met, but it won't launch. Same with the nightly build. I'm kind of stuck because there is no error message. I tried ldd and noticed, was missing so I installed it. No success.
Here you can see the strace:

Hi thor171,

That's really weird! I just installed a clean copy of Ubuntu 18.04.3 on a VM and downloaded the dpkg from here then opened the file (didn't even need to use the Terminal, don't know if that's new) then ran `gb-studio` and it opened as expected. Only things I installed were virtualbox-guest-utils and virtualbox-guest-dkms packages, potentially they could have included some dependencies that made it work :-/

Assuming you followed the instructions at the only other thing I could suggest if you're comfortable is installing from source. If you have git, nodejs and yarn installed you can clone the git repository and then install the dependencies by running `yarn` and start the application with `npm start` 


Thanks for you answer Chris,

I solved the problem, somehow. There was an environment variable in my .bashrc which was set "wrong". I commented it out and everything is running fine. strace gb-studio showed, that it couldn't find the needed libs, that's why I was thinking it should be something about an environment variable.
Guess I have to find another way to point to my programmer device's driver.

Anyway, thanks for your help. When my cartridge is working, we have to talk about its special functions support in GB-Studio ;-D


Does anyone know of literature that outlines the possibilities of Title Screen animations?

I know Chromebook versions might not be very easy to make, but I'd personally like one. Thanks if you do start working on that though! ( Not sure why you would but...) I think 32 bit is the best you can run on a Chromebook, but I'm not sure. Thank you in retrospect!..

(1 edit)

Why not enable Linux support for this (on the Chromebook)? Get it but you could get it working on that I guess.

It kinda removes the whole purpose of a Chromebook, thanks though!

Yeah I know, but it is useful when you need that application you can't get in Chrome OS.

A Chrome OS I guess would be a web based version of GB Studio?

Okay! Thank you! Have a good day!

I must ask, does a 32-bit version of Linux work, and, if not, will there be a 32 bit version in the future? This is a great tool!

I will keep a Eye on this, looks very interesting. :) I love oldschool GameBoy Games.

That looks like a pretty cool tool! I make experimental games, and this is my kind of jam.

If it's easy enough to pickup, I might actually organize a workshop about it in my local game dev community :) 

I’d like to do something here with this via workshop, no clue where to start but the manual and youtube. Maybe I will search high and low for info on rpg creation and asset design. I think it’d be cool for an export function for standalone app in win.linux.macOS and mobile one day.

Long awaited update! Thank you! :D


THANK YOU! I love this tool. I am making my first video game ever because of it.

I made a donation for version 1.2.0.


I just want to say that you are a hero to me, Chris. This is my favorite piece of software ever released for free.


Awwww yeahhhh coloursssss.

What Sprite editing tool would you recommend for making games


Piskel is good too:

paint. net ( for download)


This is truly an amazing tool! I don't usually comment stuff, but I want to encourage you to keep on developing this awesome software. I also want people out there to make tutorials, publish their games, everything you can so GB Studio grows more and more!


I've always wanted to make retro games that work on retro systems, and i was on perfect timing!

I got so excited when this was featured and downloaded without issues!

Is recommended!


Oh, and gladly it supports MS Paint, plus having the same sprite as so!

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